Hi Guys!

It has been too long and it feels amazing to get behind my laptop again and write some content! As some of you may know from my Instagram, I took a break from all my blogging social media to make sure I pass my exam – which by the way, I passed! So that is one down out of three.

I have only gone and changed my logo on my blog, all thank you to Abbie Nicole who is fantastic! She has done exactly what I had requested and it beautifully fitted in with my blog. You should check out her website

In other exciting news, I have cut my hair short (I will post a picture on my Instagram shortly). As some of you may remember, I did cut my hair shorter back in March and I honestly loved it. The thing is with longer hair is that it’s so hard to keep looking healthy, personally, I struggle with my hair because it gets so damn dry at the ends which makes it so painful when brushing it. – So I have taken the plunge and guess who now has short hair!

So what else has changed in my life? I got a new role in work! I wouldn’t exactly describe it as a promotion but it’s a step up from my current role (I say current as I haven’t officially moved over as of yet). This has been going on since May and I got my offer letter after my holiday in July, though I haven’t got an official start date as of yet, according to my offer letter it was 1st August.

I have plenty of content to go up to make up for lost time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until next time…

Love, DD x

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