Hi Guys!

Welcome back to my page!

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to my best friend Els who bought me this palette for my birthday! Not only has this palette been on my wanted list since it’s release but it screams my name, with those gorgeous warm tones and shimmer. I realise that every review out there has already been done on this palette as it’s been out for so long now but I wanted to review it like I do my other palettes for you.

I will dive in first of all with the colours in the palette but also how you have a combination of shimmer and mattes. I was very sceptical about this palette initially as I did own the Naked Smoky palette and it was awful. I was so gutted because the colours had so much potential… but it just didn’t blend very well, it clung to my eye and made me look like I had a black-eye rather than a smoky eye – not a great look.


I initially went very simple with my eye look, I wanted the test the palette out slowly in case I needed to swap to another palette mid-way through. But after seeing how pigmented this palette is and how beautifully it blends out, I was like a kid at Christmas testing it all out! As shown below, the colour variety is centred around the orange/warm tone side which are great colours for the summer. I own the Smashbox Ablaze palette which this reminds me slightly of but with a lot more variety in it – as shown below.


The end result from using this palette was divine, I was getting compliments left-right and centre from using this palette and how it complimented my eyes. Compared to my experience with the Naked Smoky palette, this palette is a whole another level. If you haven’t already purchased this palette, then it’s a must! Definitely a must-have in your makeup bag this summer.

Love, DD x



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