Hi Guys!

Today I have a really exciting blog post for you all! I picked up the Mr.Blanc Teeth, Teeth Whitening Strips from my local Superdrug in the clearance bin for a £5.00 because they’re running out of date with an expiry of June (purchased these in the middle of June). My mum and I luckily managed to seize the last two to try after googling them and discovering they retail for £25.00 for the two-week pack.

I have wanted to get my teeth whitened for so long now because I chipped my tooth a child, I have a filling which is an off colour compared to my teeth anyway… but every time I have looked into it with my dentist it would have set me back over £200! Which would be fine, if it was guaranteed to look whiter… which there isn’t. After doing some research into reviews of this product, I have found that overall everybody was very happy with the product and that it made a difference.

The product states ‘proven to make your teeth whiter by an average of 2.6 shades in 14 days’ (this does have a little disclaimer that states *in a study of a 100 people, the average result achieved was 2.6 shades whiter in two weeks)  – which I thought was pretty good, I have got ok teeth… I am not going to say they’re already white but I am a big coffee and tea drinker so I have stained teeth. The product is peroxide free which is a great benefit as this isn’t harsh on your teeth or gums, it safely removes stains as well as whitening your natural teeth.


I was dubious about this product initially but, for the sake of a £5.00, I didn’t mind taking that risk. They come in strips for both top and bottom teeth which is easy to stick on and not too annoying to wear, the strips stay on for half an hour which is plenty of time. I have used strips in the past which want them to be worn for an hour or sometimes more, so for me, this was no issue as I could watch the end of the episode of Queer Eye that I started. Sadly, because I chipped my tooth as a child it’s noticeable but I am so impressed what happens after one use at how much whiter they are already.
I was so happy with the results and was amazed at what they do in just half an hour!


I am so chuffed with the results after week one, not only is my teeth looking visibly whiter but they’re not sensitive like any other teeth whitening has caused. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome after one week and how much whiter my teeth are looking.


As you can see that my teeth have improved considerably over the past two weeks, I feel it has made a bit impact on my confidence too as I have always been quite insecure about the staining on my teeth. They’re so easy to apply and I have been just wearing them whilst I am watching Love Island which makes the time past faster.

Overall, these whitening strips are incredible. Not only do they whiten your teeth considerably over the course of two weeks, they do not make your teeth sensitive or cause irritation in any way. The whitening gel has a nice mint taste and you’re able to swallow it (which with other products you’re not!) which makes you less worried in that half an hour of wearing the strip. I was very lucky and grabbed these for a fiver in the clearance due to them being close to their expiry but I would 100% pay £24.99 for this product for the results I’ve got. BIG shoutout to Mr.Blanc Teeth for their amazing product and I would love to try several other products of theirs – especially as I’ve just learned they do an express dissolvable version which will be adding to my list!

I will link at the bottom of the page the several places that I know you can purchase this product.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the process or strips or whether you have used it and what your experience was.

Until next time…

Love DD x

Where stocks Mr.Blanc Teeth? 

The places that I am aware of in the UK that stocks the range or a couple of their products are the following: 

Mr Blanc Teeth
Look Fantastic 

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