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Today, I have got a post about a splurge I’ve done recently in both Boots and Superdrug! If any of you are fellow students, you may already be aware that Superdrug currently has 20% off until 3rd July! With several other offers running such as 3 for 2 and 20% off on perfumes. So, if you’re in dire need of some new makeup, skincare etc or just want a new perfume, then I would get in there fast as this is ending on Tuesday.

I picked up a couple of things from my local Superdrug which cost me a total of £15.44!! Which is after the 3 for 2 discount as well as my student discount – which is an absolute steal when you’ve read what I got.
If you would like to hear about my purchases then please stay tuned!


As some of you may remember, a couple of months ago I picked up her original palette and was surprised at how pigmented and good this palette is for a tenner! So when I heard she has released ANOTHER one, I couldn’t resist wandering in and grabbing it, especially for a tenner. Which thankfully, I got in there quick as my local Superdrug did not stock this from release and I managed to get one of the last ones of this palette – so YAY ME. The only thing that I was not happy about this palette is that she has reduced the number of colours in the new one from 24 to 18 – not a HUGE deal but Yano… still the same price and all that… BUT I WILL TRY IT AND DO A REVIEW FOR YOU ALL.


Honestly, I blame Steph Toms because I have become hooked on her channel recently, mainly because of her using dupes and drugstores quite a lot on her channel. If you would like to check her out, this is her blog which links to her youtube. This is rumoured to be a fantastic dupe to the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops and Iconic London Illuminator Drops so I thought I’d grab these as their only £6.00! I grabbed this in the shade ‘Liquid Champagne’.


Ok, when I heard Soph was releasing a lipstick… I was so excited! Especially after how great her palette was I just knew she wouldn’t release a lipstick unless it was a gooden. So she has released three shades – Cake, Syrup and Fudge which retail for £4.00. I grabbed mine in Cake which I believe is the lightest in the range, as I am going on Holiday shortly I wanted an easy colour to wear day and night which this shade is perfect for. Shade showed below.


With my holiday coming up you can never be too careful when picking out a lip balm because the last thing you want is burnt lips. After doing some research this lip balm sounds right up my street with the sun protection and the cocoa butter to nourish my lips. I believe I picked this up for £1.99 which if this works as well as I think it will, it’ll be the best £1.99 spent on a lip balm ever.


I have been suffering for the longest time with the most sensitive scalp and in the last 6 months, my scalp is so itchy and flakey which is unbearable. I wandered into my a local Superdrug and they have this in the clearance for £2.00 and when I got to the till it went through as 80p which is such a bargain. I have read reviews online which claim this is good which I am praying will have put my sensitive scalp to rest… results to follow.


I saw these on offer which is ‘buy-one-get-one-half-price’ the face mask itself was only £1.29 which meant I was paying under £2.00 for four face mask. What a result! These claim to help your skin feel purified for up to 7 days and are for oily skin to imperfections. It claims to deep clean, target shin, blocked pores and imperfections. For £2.00, I am really liking the sound of this product, to be honest with you.

Friday I picked up a couple of bits from the Boots near my work as I had a tonne of extra boots and discount vouchers that I wanted to use. And in the end, the make I purchased cost me £12.70 which is so damn cheap when you think about it for three makeup items!


Again… this was Steph Toms influence. I have never been a big fan of NYX I think in my whole collection I own like two things because I never really understood the hype that a lot of bloggers and influences give them. But, after watching Steph’s video I loved how this palette looked on her eyes and figured for £8.00 I might as well give it ago. Especially as I have paid so much more for palettes that are just awful. I have inserted a picture of the swatches from the whole palette which shows how pigmented they are. I will give you an update shortly via my Instagram if you don’t already follow me my username is @DDlovess


I picked this up on a whim because I was told by the lady I could get three for two, which long story short she didn’t give it to me so I had to go back and get a refund. BUT, I have been looking for a contour stick recently just to try out and for the sake of £5.50, who could go wrong!! This dual sided stick doesn’t come with a lot of product, however, I won’t complain because of the price tag.


I picked this up again on a whim because I was curious about how good a bronzing stick could be, I swatched this on my arm and this is so shimmery! (As shown below) and quite orange considering I’ve got this in shade fair/medium. I will try it on my face and see if I receive better results but currently not that fussed by it. But maybe it could be used with a tan for a highlighter? WHO KNOWS. This also retails for £5.50.

As always guys, thank you for reading and let me know below whether you have tried any of the above products or have any drugstore recommendations for me! I would love to hear what you guys love and recommend.

Until next time…

Love, DD x

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