Hi Guys!

Welcome back to my page!

I have been so lazy for the last few weeks that I have binged every Netflix programme out there (wish I was kidding) to bring my lovely followers some great content. I have got some good ol’ Netflix recommendations and of course some recommendations from SKY that I’ve been watching, just to mix it up (fully aware it is labeled as a Netflix Recommendations post but yano, might as well spice things up).

I have some exciting news, I have purchased an iMac and I am in love! After years of my beloved (overused) Macbook, I felt it was time to extend and branch out into something a bit more durable and sleek (but not as compact). Sadly, my MacBook Pro is a very old edition and is worth pennies now, if that! So I will always have it as backup (after clearing it out and wiping it…again!).

Instead of me rambling on about my unhealthy spending habits, shall we dive in to my recommendations of June?


If you haven’t heard of this show, then clearly you have been living under a rock! Not only is our Princess Meghan a star (formally) of this show but it’s got all seasons on Netflix! The storyline centres around a guy named Mike who gets a job at a big (HUGE) law firm despite him not having a Harvard degree… with him fighting to keep this secret a secret it follows him through his journey of life and his career. I started watching this about 3 years ago and I took a break because so many great things were coming out on TV and I felt they were more important, but recently I decided to dive back in and I have not regretted it.


I’m sure alot of you have heard of the orginal (Nope? Me neither!) but it follows five gay guys who transforms people to win the affection of a loved one or for a big event. This show has made me laugh, cry and follow a journey with these individuals. All four of the main cast are loveable in their own ways with their quirky personalities and their incredible dynamic as a group. I was so obsessed with this show that I even got my mum hooked on it… iT’S THAT GOOD!


Honestly, I am on a crime show vibe right now. I watched this after finishing Evil Genius (as recommended on my May recommendations) which was a complete whim at eleven o’clock at night when you can’t sleep. Hooked isn’t even the correct word, I was holding on by a thread watching this and watching the characters. I am not too familar with the O.J Simpson story other than him killing his ex wife, so for me this was a real eyeopener. I spoke to my mum about it after finishing it and bare in mind she watched it whilst it happened, she was like ‘AND? WHAT DID YOU THINK? DO YOU THINK HE’S GUILTY?!?’ I have told her to watch it purely because I was shook by it.


Are you even British if you don’t watch Love Island? I will completely admit that I only became hooked last year (prior having no knowledge of this shows existance) so I am a newbie. This is such an easy watching, chilling afterwork show, not being funny but who doesn’t enjoy watching other peoples drama through their TV? Though this series doesn’t even really compete with last years, still great watching for your weekday evenings.



Let me know below if you have seen any of my recommendations and what your opinion was of them! I would love to hear from you!!

Until next time…

Love, DD x


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