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I wanted to do a post about acne skincare as I used to suffer quite bad when I was younger, luckily the older I’ve got it’s managed to die down and my skin is much clearer. I will be writing a post about skincare for combination acne prone skin but for now, I wanted to talk about my new purchase from Beauty Bay.

As some of you may know, over the bank holiday weekend Beauty Bay had their usually discount codes if you spend a certain amount. I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of bits skincare wise because I really do not need any makeup at the moment (I know… is that possible? I literally have no storage for it!). I grabbed this little beauty in the hope I can clear up the few little blemishes I do have on my face.

Before I dive into the products and what they do, If you haven’t read my blog before let me give you some background on my skin. I have combination skin, which is acne prone. When I was 12 I started suffering from quite bad acne in which I was bullied for on occasions, I was called ‘volcano face’ being the main one which sticks out. Over the years I tried everything thanks to my mums support, I tried acne medication, different skincare routines and products, as well as moving onto the pill at 13/14 to try and control it on advice from my doctor. I don’t hold any pictures of my skin prior to it clearing up but it was bad.

Since turning 16 my skin has cleared up considerably and now I occasionally get spots around my time of the month or when I am stressed – when this happens my skin gets quite bad around my chin and jawline with under the skin spots, whiteheads and occasionally like boils on my face. The older I’ve got the more I’ve learnt about what my skin needs to prevent this… which I will mention in skincare post which will be up next week. Just to add, I am not a big sufferer of blackheads but I do have quite large pores which get clogged quite easily.

So this little skincare set retails for £43.00 on Beauty Bay, it contains the Drying Lotion, Drying Cream and Buffering Lotion – each to target a different kind of spots. Mario Badescu is a range which has tonnes of different types of skincare items (you can buy from several retailers but the main two I have purchased from is Beauty Bay and Urban Outfitters) I own several items from this range from eye cream to facial toners, each individual item is priced from £7.00 to £22.00 (which is the highest I have seen).


This is my second bottle of this holy grail product, this product is to clear up whiteheads overnight with its blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid. I personally use this on all types of spots that I have, including the ones that randomly pop up when I am stressed. The product itself calms down the spot and overnight the huge lump on my face is either gone or has gone down.

This product retails for £16.00 on its own and you are able to purchase this in a glass bottle or a plastic bottle. It is for all skin types including the most sensitive types, my mum has used this and swears by it too (especially as she has dry/sensitive skin).


This treatment is specifically for acne prone skin (as per what Beauty Bays website), it is to help shrink blemishes and under the surface spots. Can I just say, I’ve used this twice on this MOUNTAIN OF A SPOT on my chin and it has gone down (my downfall is accidentally scratching the spot and it looks all red) but it’s pretty damn good.

This product retails for £14.00 and on the tub, it says to use under the drying mask (I will have to try this) I reckon this may be another purchase dependent on how long it lasts me and whether the results are as good everytime I try it.


I had read online about this product and thought I’d give it ago after seeing it in UO on my trip to Manchester, this is to target under the surface bumps and claims you will see overnight results. I have tried this on my skin three times now, especially where I get little bumps on my face and this has cleared them up! On my cheekbones, I get little bumps which usually show from when I apply my highlighter (which isn’t great as it makes these bumps quite obvious) but after a couple of goes they have gone, which means my makeup looks so much better!

This product retails for £15.00 and is in a plastic bottle, I will advise that this is recommended for oily/combination skin so I would avoid if you have sensitive/dry skin because you may not receive the same results.

Overall, I am very impressed with this set and will definitely look to purchase again (perhaps when I get 20% off again), let me know if you have tried it and how you got on with the product or whether you recommend any other Mario Badescu products because I would love to try some of your recommendations.

Until next time…

Love, DD x

Please note, this is my honest opinion on my experience with the product and this may differ from person to person.


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