Hi Guys!

Welcome back to my page! I thought I would do a post about Dubrovnik after posting so many pictures from when I went last year. I was really lucky to spend my 21st in Dubrovnik with the beautiful scenery and weather to match. We booked our accommodation via Airbnb and our flights were via Easyjet which in total cost £113 each! Was a super cheap holiday that cost me less than £400.00 in total. If you would like to hear about what we got up to whilst we were there, then keep reading…

Firstly, I want to talk about the Airbnb we stayed in, we managed to bag a great deal which was an apartment just outside of Old Town, it was a 15-minute walk straight down a hill to Old Town with loads of scenic views! The apartment was great too, it has a lovely little living room with a kitchen and balcony just off from it… as shown in the above photos. Two bedrooms and a bathroom, which was ideal for the four of us! The balcony looked over the old town and I have posted a timelapse on my Instagram of the view from our apartment too if you fancy checking it on insta which is: ddlovess.


So we flew out on the 21st May at 5 in morning from Gatwick, the flight was roughly about 2 and half hours which I spent sleeping because we had been at the airport since 1! We were really lucky with the Airbnb we booked, the lady picked up and we paid her for the petrol to take us there and back. As the room was not ready as we got there very early, she kindly dropped us off in Old Town for a chance to explore whilst we waited and she looked after our luggage in the meantime. We went to a lovely restaurant just outside of the old town which had a gentlemen playing the violin, the food was incredible and the cocktails were great too! Our meals worked out at about £15.00 including our drinks too which does not break the bank.


On day two we decided to take a trip down to Coral Beach Club which had beautiful scenery (as shown in the feature picture for this post) and also was the lovely hot weather for us to sunbathe and eat lunch. The Beach Club was about a 15-minute drive from where we were staying which our host kindly arranged the taxi for us too there. Upon returning we went down to the old town to explore again and had an A-MAZING Kinder Ice cream, which costs about £1-£1.50. We were fortunate enough to visit alley restaurant which had a quick meal with a free bottle of wine (admittedly the wine wasn’t that great, but it was free so WHO CARES). We then had a wander around Old Town around the shops and also with the live music playing in the centre. We finished the night with another Kinder Ice Cream before walking home for a chilled evening for the next night ahead.


On day three again was very chilled whilst the girls went to explore the island nearby, Lauren and I took the opportunity to sleep off our sleep deprivation from the early flight and getting a max of two hours sleep on the way out. Though the day was spent again doing a lot of walking and looking around at the scenic views, in the evening the girls surprised me with balloons and card for my birthday and Grace very kindly bought us a bottle of Champagne to celebrate my 21st Birthday! We booked a taxi to go to a very nice restaurant in the hills which was closed and ended up being driven back into Old Town, this ended up costing us a killing because sadly the Taxi Driver wasn’t particularly compassionate about our situation. We wandered into the centre and I asked if we can go the nearby bar and order Tapas whilst listening to the live band. It was a perfect way to end the night (and once again with Kinder Icecream.. was this a recurring thing? Yes because I am addicted to Kinder Chocolate).


On our final day, our flight was going home until 9PM so we had a day to kill, we went into the quirkiest bar, as it was my birthday as well I had the shout on what we got to do, which was nice! Sadly, the weather was pretty crap so this is one of the only pictures I got from our last day, but I did insert a cute shot from the plan overlooking Croatia which you may like. Whilst the girls explored and got food, Lauren and I took the opportunity to grab another ice cream (kinder of course) and some pizza to snack on. The day was pretty good and we met up to go on the Zip Line but Lauren and I decided to stay down as it was getting late in the day and it was an hour before we were due to be picked up.

If you’re considering going to Dubrovnik for a long weekend or even for a weeks holiday, I would highly recommend. The Old Town is lovely to explore around and there is plenty of sights to see whilst you’re there. We ate out every night and the food was always lovely with fantastic service to match. I found everything to be super affordable and had taken £250 with me which covered me for the full four days with money to spare even when I got home.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about Dubrovnik or even if you have been, I would love to hear how you found it!

Until next time…

Love, DD x



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