Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page, following on from my review of the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer, I cheekily purchased the foundation to give ago. If any of you did read my review of the concealer, you would know I was a big fan of it and super impressed with how full coverage it is. I won’t repeat all the background again on this product BUT I will just say, this covers tattoo’s… so damn that’s pretty good in my book.

I picked this up over the Easter Bank Holiday from Debenhams whilst they had their 15% off, the product retails for £27.00 and contains 30ml – which is average for any foundation. As far as I know, Debenhams is one of the main retailers in the UK who sell the Kat Von D range – perhaps even one of the only? I think. I picked this up in the shade Light 46 Cool as I have cool undertones and so we shall see whether this colour was the best choice for me.

I did decide with applying this foundation that I wanted to use the concealer from the range with to see whether the range does compliment one-another. As we all know, if a range does release a product to co-inside with another, there is no guarantee that they work well together (despite that being what they were made for) For example, let’s take the Huda beauty primer and foundation. I read a tonne of reviews where people found that the foundation did not last as long as the primer – you know, sometimes it happens. So I have put them both to the wear test.

I am going to dive in initially with the coverage of the foundation, as we all know this is suppose to be full coverage – which is my kind of foundation. When I applied the foundation a little really does go a long way, I believe I used three little pumps for my entire face and that gave me the full coverage I desired (which is pretty full). This gives an extremely matte finish on my face which is another thing I look for in a foundation, it wasn’t sticky nor was it solid on my face – I still had movement and didn’t feel restricted by it. The foundation throughout the day wore relatively well, I did not need to top up any areas of my face and by the end of the day, it was still wearing as well as it was from the morning (except a bit oily).

Sadly, the colour I picked of the foundation is far too pink for my skin. Reflecting on this, I probably was better off getting the netural shade as it might not have oxidised to a rosy pink like it did. But, it’s not horrendous. I most likely will wear it again knowing that it will most likely oxidise to a pink shade however, no one did comment on the colour so it might be all in my head (should have asked for a second opinion).

My overall verdict on the foundation is that it does exactly as it says on the tin, it is full coverage and is long-lasting. I wore this from 12 hours and I was impressed with wearability, the concealer didn’t budge either on my nose and chin (which are the usual culprits!). The only thing that I would say about this product is I wouldn’t wear it every day as at £27.00 a bottle, it’s a little steep for me.

I hope you liked the review, leave a comment below with your verdict on the Kat Von D Lock-It range and how you got on with it!

Until Next Time…

Love, DD x

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