Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page! I have been so excited to write my blog post on this product and have had the pictures ready for a while now. Finally today is the day that the post is going live… eeeek! Today I am doing a review on the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer, I received this in a set for Christmas from my Mum and I have only just round to properly trying this product after finishing the ones I’ve had on the go.

I received this in a set called the ‘Lock-It Mini Baking Duo’ this contains the concealer alongside the setting powder, which is allegedly an INSANE DUO. I will be honest… I am yet to try the setting power as shown in the photos (I will let you know my verdict in due course- I promise). As we all know this product has been highly talked about in the beauty world for ages due to its full coverage alongside the fact that it claims it lasts for 24 hour wear time. I think most of us have seen this product as it can cover up just about ANYTHING! I remember a while back seeing a video of this covering up a tattoo… A TATTOO? That’s insane.

My overall verdict on this product is 10/10, this product is da bomb! I am so satisfied with this product that I went and purchased the Lock-It Foundation… that’s how happy I was with this! I am honestly a little gutted at the size of the concealer because I know I will need to replace this soon enough BUT, you cannot fault this concealer in anyway.

Until Next Time…

Love, DD x

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