Hi Guys,

I realise I am late this month with my recommendations especially as I usually post them within the first week… however, there is time for a CHANGE. I have had such a hectic blogging diary that I messed up my schedule and I ran a bit late with this one… but oh well, gave me more time to find great recommendations for you all!


Firstly, before I full-on dive into why this is in my monthly recommendation. I just want to add a side note here, I was advised back in January? Perhaps later, to watch this show because I finished Stranger Things and this had a rep for being MEGA GOOD. I was reluctant to watch this because I was not ready for some mind-f***ery in all honesty. BUT JEEZ LOUISE, I was not disappointed when I finally put this on! So when I finally decided to watch this because whilst I was ill in bed and in dire need to watch something that wasn’t going to bore me to tears or could at least hold my attention so I didn’t sleep the whole day and was up all night. THIS SHOW DID JUST THAT. From the first episode, I was caught off guard by how much this made me think and how crazy that this could actually happen?! Like what. If you want a TV show that is gripping and so messed up (in a good way… if that’s possible) then please try this show. I have not been hooked on anything since Stranger Things and this got me hooked, I even watched 2 seasons in a day… dedication, I know.


Ok, this one is a bit controversial for me. Did I want to like this show as much as I did? Most definitely not. With Dynasty before I knew it, I was up to date on all episodes on Netflix and worried about what I was going to do with myself.So, some of you may know that this is a remake of the 80’s original which starred the one and only Joan Collins! I never watched the original so I can’t compare the two but, I can say that if you’re interested in an easy watching, scandal-filled showed… then this one is definitely a good one to add to your list.  This reminds me of the OC, which I loved when it was on. It was full of scandal and glamour, and that is good entertainment. Oh did I mention, this has been developed by Josh Schwartz the creator of Gossip Girl and The OC. Oh, and did I mention it’s been renewed for a second season?

Until Next Time…

Love, DD x

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