Hi Guys,

So today I am reviewing the highly talked about Amrezy Highlighter that is floating around everyone’s Instagram feed. I don’t know about everyone else, but I just want to eat it because it looks DELICIOUS. In all honesty, before I dive into the review, I did not want to buy this highlighter initially because it looks GOLD and honey… with this pale complexion… YOU JUST DON’T WEAR GOLD WITHOUT IT LOOK ‘TOO-IN-YOUR-FACE’. Maybe that’s just me? Or maybe I should be more adventurous with my highlighters… who knows!

A little background on the product itself, this is a collab from Amra Olević – a.k.a Amrezy and who I’ve heard is the queen of highlight (I don’t follow her but this is what I have heard through the grapevine). This product is limited edition, so if you’re interested in this palette you need to grab it quick before it’s gone!

The highlight is a champagne gold shade, which looks intense on first glance and very GOLD but, upon application makes you look like a shimmery goddess. The design of the highlighter itself reminds me waves of sands… is this intentional? Probably. And quite frankly this product is just incredible. Dependent on the intensity you desire from the product, this can be applied with a wet or dry brush but I personally prefer the dry brush for everyday application and subtleness.

My opinion on the highlighter is BLINDING, LIKE DAMN GIRL. I honestly picked this up because Els was raving about it and I was curious whether it was worth the hype. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED TBH! Thanks to the recommendation from Laura, thanks to her I discovered how blinding this highlighter is with a little bit of setting spray. So thank you so much! Can I just also point out an amazing PLUS for this product, no fall-out?! I am gobsmacked at this because I have never used a powder highlight with no fall-out whatsoever.

I won’t drone on and on about this product because there are so many reviews of this product out there and we are all saying the same thing… how amazing this product is! I am so glad that I decided to treat myself to this and I am tempted to purchase another in case it’s long gone after I ran out (that could be years, I know but that’s how devoted I am to this product).

Because I love you all and wanted you all to see how beautiful this product really is, I’ve inserted a picture of the highlighter itself. Please leave a comment below about your thoughts on the product and whether you LOVE LOVE LOVED IT or whether you are not as convinced.

I would love to hear your verdict!

Until next time my lovelies!

Love, DD x

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