Hi Guys,

As we all know, this palette has taken the beauty world by storm. After the queen of palettes, Modern Renaissance hit the market, everyone’s expectations were set high and were anticipating another big palette to hit. This followed by the disappointing Subculture palette which not only disappointed most but sadly brought shame to ABH’s name. They followed up with Prism which again was never going to take the top spot from Modern Renaissance however, it was a step in the right direction. Then Hallelujah the release of Soft Glam was upon us and the question on everyone’s mind was whether it’ll be as good as our fave?

Anyone who has been reading my blog posts for a while knows that I love the Modern Renaissance palette – it’s by far the best palette in my collection and I have come to the realisation that this palette will never be topped! I use this palette at least a couple of times a week, I instantly reach for it if I am looking for a great glam look- so when Soft Glam hit the market and I heard it is the same formula as my beloved MR, I had to purchase it and see for myself.

The colours in the palette are all everyday colours for me, with my dark brown eyes I tend to go for browns and oranges. I always find these are the perfect warm blend for my eyes and my complexion too. As most of you already know, the palette has brought back ‘Burnt Orange’, ‘Tempera’ and ‘Cyprus Umber’ from the MR palette and I personally think that’s a damn good thing! Those colours, in particular, are the best for base, crease and smoking the corners – you need these essential colours for a palette like this!

I tried the palette a couple of times already to see whether this palette will live up to my expectations. I must admit, I didn’t think this palette will live up to my expectations. I remember the hype over the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette and that ship sunk for me – I am very fussy with my palettes and the pigment of the colours too. But WOW, you can clearly see that this palette is in-fact the formula of our OG and these colours blend beautifully across the lid. The glitters for me are going to take some getting used to in all honesty because I am AWFUL at applying glitter (someone teach me pls).

Overall, this palette exceeded expectation! I love that colours and how pigmented they are, as well as the formula (glad they have reverted back). I have inserted a picture below for you to see the shades that the palette includes in full motion. If I have persuaded you from my post, have a look at the colours and you’ll be sold.

Please leave a comment below on with your verdict of the SG palette and whether this is your new fave or if you’re a loyal fan of MR.

Until next time my lovelies!

Love DD x

Please note that I received a voucher through a competition with Beauty Bay and used this to purchase my palette and several other items. I did not purchase this with my own money nor is this an AD. 

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