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If any of you follow me on Instagram (@ddlovesx) you would know I started these over a month ago and I promised a post about my review of them and whether I believe they made a difference to my hair.

As you already know, I cut my hair short about a month ago and I purposely started taking these then so I could see the true potential of the product. Anyone who’s been following me for a while knows that I have always had long hair and it was a big decision to cut it short and I was also inspired by Jamie Genevieve… I have had long hair for as long as I can remember but over time when it got to a certain length, it became dead and very hard to maintain which influenced me to take the plunge.

I picked these up in January from my local Superdrug who had them on offer for £13.33 from £20.00, I imagine these were on offer as everyone in the New Year does the ‘New Year, New me’ etc. I had held these in my Amazon basket for god knows how long with the desire to try them, and when I was snooping in Superdrug I couldn’t resist (especially as they had 20% student discount at the time).

I think personally, this is a little steep for some hair vitamins. I didn’t even realise until I spoke to one of my work colleague about them that the vitamins I bought for £1.99 in my local boots include all of these vitamins and more… admittedly the biotin in these vitamins was 300 of my daily recommended which is the main source for hair growth so I understand that these are targetted for that purpose solely. So based on that would I buy these again? Probably, but not as regularly as I get more than enough of these vitamins and minerals from my current ones. I don’t feel that they’ve helped my hair in any way, in all honesty, I have noticed no difference in my hair.

Until next time.

Love, DD x

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