Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page!

As some of you may know from my Instagram, I won a £100 voucher through a competition of Beauty Bay’s Instagram. It was a post where they asked you to leave a compliment for the person above you in the comment section, which I thought was really lovely and would make someone’s day. I received a couple of really lovely comments which I wish I made a note to check out their Instagram, so if by any chance you follow my blog please leave a comment below and I will check out your page!

I want to firstly thank Beauty Bay for the voucher and I treated myself to a couple of items to create a haul for you guys!

Shall we dive in?

I have been eyeing up this beauty for what feels like a lifetime! I had read reviews and watched several tutorials where people have used this product and LOVED IT. I mean what’s not to love, it’s glitter for christ sake! I cannot say one thing bad about this product, in all honesty, I found the applicator easy to use for applying this to your lids as well as product blendable depending on what intensity you’re going for. Would I buy this again? 100%!

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that this is my holy grail eyebrow pencil. I have been using this since October? and I honestly would never go back to any other brow pencil, this colour is not too intense on first application but after a few more strokes you can make this an intense brow.

I picked this up on a whim as it’s been sitting in my safari tabs for months now, I have tried this once and I was quite impressed by it. I suffer from an oily t-zone and I whacked this stuff on for 10 minutes and BAM bye bye oil. This does always say it will draw out impurities but I didn’t really get that from this product… HOWEVER, I am super impressed at how matte it made my skin after removing all the oil.

What I have been holding out for the last few months, the one and only Soft Glam palette! If you follow me on Twitter you have probably heard me complaining that Beauty Bay took FOREVER to release this and I was dying to buy it with my voucher (as I had it there). I must say, I am not disappointed. Though my QWEEN palette will always be Modern Renaissance, I am happy to allow Soft Glam a spot up there with it. I am doing a full review of this palette in the next coming weeks so… watch this space.

OK, before I start to talk about this. I am disappointed in this as it was nothing like the picture ABH released on their Instagram. I am quite fair with ombre hair and I thought this was a mixture of red/brown, no. It’s brown like I would go as far to say as Poo brown (gross, I know). I will try it again because I feel maybe with a grungey look, it may work. But I personally wouldn’t waste my money buying this again.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have tried any of the above and your opinions on them!

Until next time.

Love, DD x

Please note, these were bought with my winnings from a competition. I did not get paid to posts but neither did I purchase any of these products out of my own money.

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