Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram of my new L’Oréal products which I picked up in my Superdrug Haul, I must be honest I was obsessed with how cute the primers were which led me to buy them and test them out (so much for don’t judge a book by its cover right?). I picked up two of the infallible primers which were the pore refining and illuminating primer-  usually, I wouldn’t go for an illuminating primer but I figured it was worth ago to see whether it’ll give me a glow.

I also picked up the true match concealer and the 24-hour concealer pomade as I am always on the hunt for a perfect drugstore concealer, after finding my favourite high-end concealer I am on a mission to see whether I can find a perfect drugstore every day one. I have heard several good reviews for the True Match foundation which led me to purchase the concealer – surely the concealer is just as good?

I will be in the next coming weeks doing a review of the products, as I haven’t tried some all of them as of yet but I wanted to do a few haul posts for my post. (Sorry this one wasn’t that in-depth!)

Let me know whether you have tried any of these products and which loreal products you recommend!

Until next time.

Love, DD x

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