Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page!

I wanted to dedicate this post to my Mum as this day is about her, my mum has bought the three of us up on her own and has supported us through all our decisions and challenges. So, Mum, this is for you.

  1. Thank you for always being there for me when I am going through a bad time and letting me cry on your shoulder. Even if I’m crying over probably the most ridiculous thing.
  2. Thank you for always supporting my choices and decisions – even though they’re usually questionable.
  3. Thank you for buying me my first car and helping me buy my Mini though we both knew I didn’t need a new car. You knew it was my dream car since I was younger and you understood my reasons for wanting it.
  4. Thank you for always looking after me, whether it’s washing my clothes or cleaning my room for me (I know I’m 21 and should do it myself, but you are always looking after me – I don’t know what I would do without you).
  5. Thank you for bailing me out when I have racked up my credit card when I was younger and teaching me to be more responsible. I did learn my lesson… eventually.
  6. Thank you for teaching me to be true to who I am, regardless of what anyone thinks. And that you don’t need anyone who tells you otherwise.
  7. Thank you for always texting me to check in on me, whether I am at friends or away for the weekend. You always check that I am ok.
  8. Thank you for your texts before I drive home to ‘drive safely’ and giving me weather warnings before I leave.
  9. Thank you for your support with my blog, always reading my posts and liking my Instagram pictures – I appreciate it.
  10. Thank you for making sure none of us went without and that we always had a good life, the older I get the more I realise that though it was hard for you, you always found a way to make sure we had the world.
  11. Thank you for making me a cup of tea/coffee every morning before work, you don’t realise how much that makes my day better!
  12. Thank you for waiting for me to finish work in the freezing cold to go home, I know that extra half an hour is a long time.
  13. Thank you for waking me up when I (deliberately) turn off my alarm and go back to sleep, you made sure I was never late for work!
  14. Thank you for being you, I know bringing up three children on your own is hard and you did a great job of it. Especially balancing three brats and a full-time job, your hard work never goes unnoticed.
  15. And finally, thank you for being the greatest mum I could ask for. Though we argue and normally annoy each other, I love you and you are the reason I am the person I am today.

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy! I love you loads and this day is about you.

Love, DD x

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