Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page!

If any of you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll notice I have cut my hair from long to short!

I have wanted to cut my hair short for quite a long time, I have always had long hair and sadly over time it becomes boring and damaged. With my long hair, I always found that after a week of getting it cut it would go back to feeling dry and straw-like, no matter what hair mask I put on it or how much I avoid putting heat on it, nothing would make it feel healthy and normal again. I am fully aware that bleaching your hair does damage it but I am big on hair care and I made sure I took care of it. So, long story short, now my hair is short!

I have for the last 3 years had ombre hair, with the occasional in 2016 which I decided to go back brunette. I personally prefer this style of hair on me because it looks great in the summer and I think it’s just one of those versatile colours, if I wanted peach hair in the summer then I can do it. And being naturally quite a medium/dark brown (dependent on which season we are in) with dark eyes, the blonde brightens up my face without losing my natural warmth to keep me from looking washed out.

I would love to hear from you guys about what you thought of my new hair!! So please leave a comment below.

(Please note I went for the no makeup look, hence why I look like an egg)

Until next time!

Love, DD x

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