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I realise I am a little late to the game in writing/posting this post, however, I have been testing out the new Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer recently and I understand people have been comparing this to the Tarte Shape Tape as a super affordable dupe.  I thought I’d put this to the test a see whether it performs as well as the blogging worlds most loved concealer.

So, makeup revolution released this about a month ago? (I believe) and every time I scroll through my Instagram this is all I see, so as you do I picked this up from my local Superdrug which was running low on most colour shades and managed to nab one which was sadly slightly too dark. Luckily, I picked up one from another Superdrug in a more suitable shade. I have recommended this product to my friends who have been telling me that they’re struggling to get this from their local Superdrug – so this has clearly become a hit with everyone!

Let’s dive into the product itself…

The packaging of this product is simple but yet ideal, it has a chrome pink lid which makes it quite distinctive when searching through your makeup bag. Also has the same applicator as our much-loved Shape Tape, personally I am very fussy now with my concealers because I prefer a bigger applicator as it’s easier to apply and you get more product out instead of constantly dipped in it back in to get as much product on your face as possible (only me?). This also has the very practical plastic packaging which for me who is quite an accident prone and die a little inside when I drop any makeup item, is IDEAL!

The product itself I would describe as full coverage, if you do apply a little it does go a long way and it’s buildable. I personally go mad because I love full coverage but that’s just me. I do have trouble with it lasting on my skin, no matter how much setting powder I put, it just doesn’t last- but this could just be me? I tend to have a lot of problems with getting makeup to last on my chin.


  • Super affordable, this will not break the bank!
  • Buildable, you can put on a little and build a full coverage
  • Great for an eyeshadow primer too, with a little bit of setting powder the jobs a gooden!


  • Didn’t last very long on my chin (this could perhaps be just me)
  • Doesn’t last very long, the way the bottle is designed prevents all the product coming out at once and restricts the last bit at the bottom from being used.

The product itself, I mean I love it for the fact it didn’t break the bank and gives full coverage, what I don’t love? It does not last in certain areas very long E.G my chin. This could be something that I am only having trouble with and to be honest, I can’t fault it anywhere else on my face. I personally will buy this product again as a good everyday product, but I personally would not use for long lasting makeup.

I would love to hear your verdict on this concealer and whether you’re obsessed or don’t get the hype.

Love, DD x

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    1. I finished mine yesterday but I can see there is more product in the bottom! Compared to other product’s I’ve bought in the past for the price I can’t complain. Thank you for reading xx


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