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I have been contemplating whether to a review of this product for a while now due to the controversy over the release, I love several products from Tarte and they haven’t disappointed me until now. I want to mention on a personal level that this has greatly disappointed me the fact that the shade range does not cater for everybody and that it’s has upset several people. But regardless of my opinion on the release and how poorly Tarte had arranged this, I will give a fair and honest review of this product.

So, as you all know this product was released a few weeks ago on Tarte’s website in two formulas, which is hydrating and matte. As we all know, this has been highly anticipated due to the success of the Shape Tape Concealer, and everyone was excited to try this. I ordered the Matte formula as I personally do not like a dewy finish and love the full matte coverage. The product itself retails for £35.00 which is expensive for a foundation, I own the Rainforest of the Sea foundation which retails for the same price and wasn’t impressed with that.


The packaging of this product is quite simple, unlike the concealer, this comes in a glass bottle. It is not too heavy to hold and I imagine if you were to drop this on the floor that it wouldn’t survive that impact, which is unfortunate especially as you’re paying £35.00 a pop each bottle. I love that they’ve incorporated the same lid and the same applicator making it distinctive as well as easy to apply.

The Formula itself is long lasting, and I love that they’ve incorporated the applicator from the concealer to make an easy application. I would say this provides the high coverage that the concealer offers as well as not needing too much product to achieve this, whereas I understand a lot of people use a LOT of the concealer. I love the smell of the product too, is that weird? Maybe. But it also provides a even coverage and covered all my little blemishes which is a blessing.


  • High coverage – I was impressed with the coverage provided and it did give an airbrushed finished.
  • Long Lasting, aside from the usual touching my chin too much that makes my foundation come off. Everywhere else held incredibly which was unexpected in all honesty.
  • Matte finish not cakey or flakey, this was promised at the release of the product and it did deliver. The product itself gives an airbrush finish without it sticking to any dry areas of your face.


  • The glass bottle as previously mentioned, I felt it would have been better to keep the plastic bottle to match the concealer for durability.
  • The price, as we all know Tarte’s foundations usually retail for this price. I personally don’t agree and think it’s overpriced for what it is.
  • The most important, the disappointing shade range.

Overall, the coverage of this product is amazing and it did last all day. I did use setting spray which did help hold the foundation for longer, with my oily t-zone it’s difficult to hold my makeup on all day, however, would I buy this again? Well no, purely because I feel that for £35.00 this is overpriced and it’s not worth that much. I use my MAC Studio Fix which costs me £21.00 (usually buy it on offer) and gives the same finish and performs beautifully, but that’s my opinion and of course, you may have a different verdict with this product.

I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know your experience with either formula!

Ta ta for now!

Love, DD x

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  1. Fab review lovely – I have wanted to try this foundation but will need to see if I can find my shade ! I pay £35 for my Doublewear foundation but I do want to try another one too!
    Saira x

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    1. Thank you! It sucks because the shade range is awful! I got light neutral which is still a little dark for me. I haven tried double-wear but I use the Revlon Colour Stay which is a dupe for it apparently xx

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