Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page!

I thought I would share what are my essentials for my handbag wherever I go, I have certain items that I cannot leave the house without or that I need every day.

Shall we dive in?

The main items that I don’t leave my house without are my phone, keys, glasses and purse. Normally because I need all of these to get about and my shopping list is normally listed on my phone.

The main essentials that I take with me are my Beats Wireless Earphones, in the rare occasion that I take the train or walk somewhere, I like to make sure I can listen to music or podcasts on the go. Not only that, it makes the time go by quicker on a journey with music or something to listen to. These earphones are great as well, they go behind your neck and connect via Bluetooth to your phone and the charger is the same as the iPhone so it’s a result that you only need one charger on the go!

I normally hold a pack of chewing gum with me at all times because I like fresh breath and I always have my Burts Bees Peppermint lip balm to hand for when my lips get a little dry – this is probably one of my essentials which is either in my handbag or makeup bag. I hold a perfume with me as I have a fear of smelling (bit weird, I know) but I like to touch up with a bit of spray whenever I am on the go and currently I have the Shea Body Spray from The Body Shop which is a musky smell and Love Spell from Victoria Secret which is a little more sweet and fruity.

The little additions I have started carrying recently is tablets for when I get a headache (which is quite often as I work from a computer all day) and I also have hold blotting sheets as I suffer from an oily t-zone so I normally blot and touch up with my Becca Blotting Powder which is always in my bag. I always find holding these little essentials are great as my makeup normally stays all day with the help of these and it always keeps me feeling my best.

Ta Ta for now!

Love, DD x

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