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This month I have included a variety of shows which I have finished watching and think you would enjoy as much as I did, I have even mixed up with a suggestion which isn’t from Netflix for you all in case a lot of you like myself watch TV on multiple platforms.

Once Upon A Time
I could talk about this show forever, so this is centred around a young woman named Emma Swan who receives a knock on the door from a little boy claiming to be her son. This involved every fairytale character from your favourite Disney films and goes into a whole new depth with their characters. If you’re looking for a suspense-filled show with an element of fairytale madness, this is the one!
Recommended if you liked: any Disney film.

Cable Girls
This show is definitely going to be a hit or miss for some people. This is a drama which is set in the 1920’s in Madrid, it centres around four girls who work a National Telephone Company as telephone operators. I found this randomly on Netflix last year when I was searching for a new show and binged watched it within a couple of days (something about the opening credits and the song that just drags me in) and it returned for the second half of season one (classed as season 2 on Netflix) on Christmas Day again, I binged watched this within 2 days over the Christmas period.

The End of The F***ing World
This show is incredible, I was sceptical at first because the trailer was a WTF is this. Which definitely made it more enticing for me, I love shows with an element of thriller especially when they’re British! The plot centres around two teenagers, James who is a self-diagnosed psychopath because he wants to kill someone and Alyssa who is determined to murder in cold blood. I was so intrigued about this that I had to give it ago and it was AMAZING.
Recommended if you liked: Hot Fuzz or any other Simon Pegg movie. 

I am going to throw a complete spanner in the works here, but I have a recommendation which isn’t on Netflix, in-fact it’s on Amazon Prime. Though I do mainly watch Netflix I wanted to do a post about my current favourite which I haven’t been able to stop watching since starting.

Lucifer, as we all know, is the Devil. This storyline is centred around how he was cast down from Heaven to rule Hell and decided to take a vacation. He begins to help a detective from LAPD once he learns that she is immune to his powers and helps solve crime. It’s funny and addictive, also Lucifer is very attractive (you may recognise him from Miranda as her gorgeous beau)
Recommended if you liked: Bones, Castle and Pushing Daisies 

I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any suggestions please comment below! I am always eager to try new shows and love a recommendation.

Ta ta for now.

Love, DD x

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