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I have been using this product non-stop this month (as mentioned in my January Favourites), I was lucky and picked this up when Anastasia Beverly Hill’s did buy-one-get-one-free on their highlighters and lipsticks. I managed to snag two of these for the price of one and split the cost with my bestie TheEJBEdit which was even better! I have been eyeing up this palette for a long time and kept putting it off as £41.00 was a bit steep to pay with Christmas approaching but since I got it for half the price, how could I resist?

So this palette comes in four shades, Gumdrop (Duo Chrome Pink/Lilac), Marshmellow (White Pearl), Starburst (Icy Pink) and Butterscotch (Honey Gold). All colours are pigmented and honestly beautiful, they also are great for your face, eyes and body!

Let’s dive in with how I found the product, I received this just before Christmas as I was placed on the waitlist for the next release- as it sold out almost instantly. When I received it I waited to test it out on my face, solely because I wanted to see how blinded it was with a full face of makeup. Can I just say, if you love being a glazed doughnut (like myself) this product ticks all the boxes. My personal favourite in the palette is starburst, it was the first colour I tried (after I asked my brother which one I should use first) and wow, this colour on my semi-pale skin tone is BLINDING!

I have tried every shade except for Butterscotch, this is only because I feel this would be better for my more tanned skin tone in the summer – but this is not to say that I don’t like the colour, it’s just in the Winter I go pasty which makes colour like this does not suit me. With this product, I find that it’s buildable and it also has colour varieties which go together.

I applied this with my Real Techniques Setting Brush which I used for all my highlighters, I do own two which I use one for setting makeup and the other for highlighting. The formula is creamy and applies like a dream, I find that though it’s a powder there is no fallout and it blends incredibly. I haven’t used any other ABH highlighters so I am not able to compare to any of there other products.

Overall, for me this palette is great. I think it sets beautiful and not only that the colours look great. The fact that it’s also creamy which makes it easier to blend and also gives a better finish than most powder based highlighters. I am excited to use Butterscotch in the next coming months and definitely will let you know how I get on.

Would I buy this palette again? Definitely, I feel this palette is great for paler skin tones and I think once I’ve got a little more of tan it’ll definitely be more intense. I think under the offer I got it from made it more worthwhile for me.

Thank you for checking out my review and please let me know of your experience with the glow kit or any tips for how you apply this.

Ta ta for now!

Love, DD x

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