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I have been so excited to write this review since receiving this for Christmas (Thanks, Mum!) not only is this hairdryer Instagram worthy but also an expensive purchase. These retail for £299.00 and continue reading if you have been contemplating whether to invest in one.

img_0233.jpgSo! I tried this Christmas Day (the excitement was just TOO MUCH) and I must say I was not disappointed, the hairdryer is lightweight which makes it easy to hold when styling your hair. The hairdryer comes with three styling tools, a diffuser, smoothing nozzle and styling concentrator, which gives it plenty of versatility for different hair types. The hairdryer has been branded to half your drying time in half as well as making your hair shiny. Also, have I mentioned I love the design of the product, it’s so cool! Round of applause Dyson!

Shall we dive into the review of the product itself? 

IMG_0235The product itself as I previously mentioned is lightweight which is ideal when styling your hair, it’s six times smaller and three times lighter than your average hairdryer. After the first use of this, I noticed incredible results, my hair is was softer and shiny than it is normally. Not only that, it did dry in half the amount of time as advertised. After the next couple of uses, I noticed that the dryer under the smoothing nozzle has held all my whispy baby hairs that stick up from my scalp down and my hair looked groomed and tidy compared to the frizzy and unruly norm I’m used to.

img_0234.jpgI haven’t tried the diffuser purely because I don’t understand how to use a diffuser and also I have naturally wavy hair which usually is straight after blow drying. I tried the styling concentrator which made my hair sleek and straight without a kink in sight.


  • Powerful
  • Sleek
  • Lightweight
  • Cuts drying times in half
  • Shiner hair


  • Expensive
  • Rumour has it, it’s not compatible to be used abroad (please comment below if I’m wrong)

I loved this product and found it did wonders on my hair, would I have spent £300.00 myself on it? Most likely, not only is it a statement, it’s a highly recommended and loved product out on the market. With its unique design to its powerful cylinder, what’s not to love about this product?

For me, I love this product and I will not go back to my old hairdryer (except maybe for on holiday) because the effortless styling has made my mornings easier.

I would love to hear from you all about your thought of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer.

Ta Ta for now!

Love DD x

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