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I’ve been so excited to share this post with you all as, after months of contemplating whether to get this, I finally have it! (Thanks, Mum!)

So, as we all know this has had some TERRIBLE reviews and people have complained about it breaking their make-up brushes (gasp!) or even causing the bristles to bend out of shape and never go back or the worst one of all.. it didn’t clean their brushes. This gave me trust issues with this product which is why I hesitated to buy it in the first place however, I did find some good reviews which said that it did serve the purpose of cleaning brushes without causing damage which encouraged me to add this to my Christmas list…

I have tried and tested this product a couple of times so that I can give a fair and honest review for you all and hopefully can help you when deciding whether to buy or not, so let’s dive in.


StylPro Cleaner & Dryer | Own Photo


I tried this initially on Christmas morning because I knew I was receiving this I waiting to clean my make-up brushes in anticipation (Yuck, I know but my face had broken out anyway so I wasn’t wearing make-up over that period). I sat down at my dressing table and added a little water to the bowl as I wanted to finish my Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel before trying the one included. I began to clean my eye brushes first as they’re usually the easiest and do not require a lot of time spent on them. The result was that they did clean them however with my pinks & reds it didn’t remove as easily which led to me scrubbing them and repeating the process- not ideal!

I moved onto my more heavy duty brushes such as powder, contour, and foundation. Needless to say, these were tough and required a lot more time than my eye brushes! I started with the smaller brushes which my contour/bronzer brushes which cleaned relatively easy, did require a little longer than anticipated however they were clean! I moved onto my Stippling brush as this is my filthiest brush, I stupidly managed to swirl the brush out of the bowl which threw water mixed with foundation all over me and my dressing table (horrific I know!) however… my brush was clean! I did have to scrub it slightly to remove some tougher foundation but it was clean!! 

Even when I tried the Stylpro again it was great! I didn’t get any on me or my dressing table either which is always a bonus, but my brushes are now clean and ready to be used again. So if you’re looking for a cleaner and dryer then look no further!

Now, let’s review the pros and cons…


  • Quick drying, my brushes were dried within 30 seconds.
  • Easy to use with the different brush holders.
  • Fun to clean!
  • No mess, where it is all contained in the bowl (unlike my mishap the first time) it does all stay in the bowl.
  • The bowl is a big size which means you can thoroughly cleanse without making a mess.
  • It’s therapeutic, it good for relieving stress!


  • Overpriced, I do love this product for quick and easy cleaning but it’s a lot of money for what it is.
  • Doesn’t clean the brushes as thoroughly as I would like, as I explained I do scrub the brushes after dipping them to remove excess dirt.
  • The brush holders do not always fit the brush properly

As you can all see, I do have more pro’s than I do cons. I personally found this product quite easy to use and it did clean my brushes without damaging them. Though I aim for my brushes to go back to their natural colour after cleaning, the product alone would not do that, it does require me to use my Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette to achieve the result I would like. But I cannot fault the product aside from that!

I hope you liked the review and please leave a comment below about your experience with Stylpro!

Ta Ta for now!

Love DD x

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