Hey Guys,

Welcome back to my blog!

I’ve decided for my New Years Resolution (yawn.. I know) that I will focus on developing my blog and setting a structure. I am FULLY aware that I have neglected my blog for a while whilst waiting for results as I’ve been poorly, Christmas and just December being an overall busy month.

SO, my 2018 plan of action is that I am going to post 2 posts a week (instead of the one every Friday) which will go live now on Sunday @ 5:30pm and on Wednesday @ 5:30pm which I’ve have created a list of inspo of what I am going to post over the forthcoming months but I would love to hear ideas from all of you of what you would like to me post about.

My second plan of action is to create an online presence in which will be via WordPress, Instagram and Twitter (if you do not follow me, please do. Twitter – @DDLovesxx, Insta – @ddlovesx) I am intending to post regularly on both of them which I haven’t really been doing currently.

My final plan of action is to change the theme of the blog, I’ve promoted it from day one as make-up/beauty blog. I would like to change that to ‘Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle’ blog which will give me more variety of what I post about and to expand my writing. Also, this would make my blog less niche and would accommodate the mass instead.

I will be looking to look all the above in place from 01/01/18 (as per the title) and will love to hear from you all!

Thank you so much for your support over the last few months and let’s make 2018 count!

Next blog post goes live on Wednesday @ 5:30pm.

Ta Ta for now!

Love DD x 

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