Hey Cherubs!

Welcome back to my page!

I know it’s a slightly delayed post (been busy with family and was back to work for three days) But I wanted to do a post for you all about my Topshop sale treats! As I am sure I have mentioned before, I am a HUGE Topshop lover! If you look through my wardrobe, 97% of it is from Topshop.

I’m pretty sure Topshop are aware I’m an addict because for the last 2 years I’ve been a VIP Customer who gets free express delivery… need I say more. Though I did not go mental in the Topshop sales (I wish I could afford to) I did pick up a cute outfit and few little other bits which I wanted to share.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 14.49.06
Metallic Striped Plisse Trousers |Taken from Topshop.com

The first item I bought was these Metallic Striped Plisse Trousers, I have been eyeing this up FOREVER and thank god I waited as they went into the sale. I love these style trousers with the awkward length, with me being quite short these are perfect and flattering on my figure. I thought these would be perfect for NYE or even just a night out in a cocktail bar because they’re glitzy and comfortable and that’s a perfect combo.
I picked this up for £22.00 from £34.00. 


Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 12.46.17
Hardware Kick Flares Trousers |Taken from Topshop.com

The second item I picked up was some Hardware Kick Flares Trousers, I saw these on another blogger (whose name has slipped my mind!) and they were beautiful. Not only are they a nice colour but they also are a nice material which doesn’t cling to areas of your body. These are ideal for day to night outfits as they are very flattering and versatile, day paired with a white blouse and night paired with a cami and jacket.
I picked these up for £29.00 from £39.00.


IMG_0074 2.JPG
Smart Trousers | Topshop

My third item (I promise not a re-occurring theme here) are (I have searched high and low to find the name of these trousers but they’re completely sold out). But I’ve attached a photo for you. These were on the mannequin in the shop with my sweatshirt (as shown further down) and it looks great together! Though at the time the sweatshirt was not in the sale, luckily a few days later it was. These trousers are ideal for casual wear as well as work attire.
I picked these beauties up for £30.00 from £42.00.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 14.54.34
California T-Shirt – Adidas Orignial | Taken from Topshop.com


My fourth item was an Adidas Three Stripe T-Shirt, I initially picked up one of these from ASOS but sadly it went through the wash and was ruined (thank you ASOS for promptly reimbursing me). But the world was on my side because hey presto sitting on the changing room rail was this top and the best part was… it was in the SALE! This top look great with jeans and skirts and a part of me wants to purchase the Adidas skirt to match- who am I kidding? I probably will.
This one didn’t have much of a decrease but it was £17.50 from £25.00.

IMG_0070 2
Milan Sweatshirt| Tee & Cake

My final Topshop purchase was my Milan Sweatshirt this is now sold out in the Black however, you are able to purchase this in Red. This jumper is so cosy which is great in this cold weather, it reminds me of a Gucci top with the emblem on it. This jumper looks great with my trousers (as mentioned above) jeans or even a denim skirt.
I picked up this beauty for £21.00 from £30.00. 



I will be posting pictures on my Instagram of my new outfits so keep your eyes peeled!

Much Love, DD x 


Please note, photos that are taken from Topshop.com, I have noted this in the caption and these are in no way my own.

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