Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page!

Now that Christmas is over it’s that time of year when the sales start and we spend a small fortune on more items we just do not need – myself included as the self-confessed shopaholic I am.

My mum and I went up to the boxing day sales at next @ 9AM… YES, 9AM! To see what Next had to offer and had a little spend up. I had already purchased from the pre-sale which as my mum holds a Next store card we are able to get early access in which I treated myself to a suit from Mango which I was eyeing up for £110.00 which I got for £51.00 (I know right ol’ bargain aye!) However, I was excited to go up and have a gander.


So my first purchase which I have been eyeing up for what feels like FOREVER is this coat, I had a coat similar (kind of) from Tesco which lasted me for years, I was always getting complimented on it as well and sadly this year it was grotty and gone a different colour (from how old and worn it was) so I had to say farewell. Praise the Lord that it went into the sale and ended up saving £38.00 on the coat which RRP was £68.00 down to £30.00.




My second purchase was another item in which I’ve been eyeing up FOREVER which was these pointed kitten heel boots, they’re very selected taste which is right up my street! These boots are slightly tight when I tried them on, however, they’re perfect for everyday wear or even going out which the patent material. These which RRP for £38.00 I nabbed for £17.00.



Probably my most random purchases which were strategically left near the till (this is my weekend I swear) was a velvet bobble hat and velvet mittens – FYI did I need these? Probably not. BUT THEY WERE SO FRICKING ADORABLE THAT I HAD TO HAVE THEM OK? The hat RRP for £10.00 whereas the Mittens for £8.00 and I nabbed them both for £9.00 (£4.00 for the mittens & £5.00 for the hat).



My last (2) items from my haul were my earrings, I have been contemplating getting onboard the tasselled earing trend for MONTHS but because I love a leopard print jacket and was afraid of being called Pat Butcher (style icon can I just add!). And also, they’re SOOOO overpriced, which I could not get onboard with. But these bad boys were in the sale from £8.50 to £3.00!!! And the other pair which are some cute little(ish) hoops, which again were a bargain from £5.00 to £2.50!!

Though this wasn’t a huge haul, I just wanted to share my goodies with you guys.

I hope you all liked it and I will be sharing my ‘New Year, New Blog (Structure)’ blog post on Sunday @ 5:30pm!

Ta Ta for now Cherubs.

Love DD x 



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