Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my page!

Today, I wanted to review the new lCONIC LONDON Limited Edition Brow Cushion! As you all know this is circulating everywhere amongst Beauty Bloggers as the new holy grail eyebrow product. I must say I was fascinated by this product when I first heard about it.

A cushion…. for your brows?… TWO TONED? I needed to investigate myself.

SO, when the Black Friday sales hit I felt I needed to investigate and see whether the hype was worth it. So I got an email from ICONIC LONDON saying ‘30% off!’ which I had a gander through their website and added it to my basket along with the Cream Contour (yet to use but please don’t worry, a review is to follow soon!). It then popped up saying ‘Hey Bae, signed up for 15% off’ which I did and hey presto, saved myself 45%!

Before I go into my review I want you all to note as explained in my previous post, I have HD Brows which means I have naturally shaped brows that require no effort whatsoever so when it comes to brow products I do not tend to go for intense brow looks.

I opened the product and as you can see it has beautiful gold casing and when you open it up the brow product covered by a lid and a folded brow brush included. I went for the shade Medium as I have quite fair skin as well as Ombrè hair which sometimes is too much. I started with the darkest colour to focus on my arch and the end of my brow as this is where I like to be the most intense, the brush is precise and ensures I get the most definition out the product with its curved shape. I gently filled the in-between and added a little of the light colour to the front you make sure it all blended through evenly.

I think the product is incredible and creates a micro-bladed eyebrow look, it gives definition and creates an intense brow – I personally would use this for when I go out, just like I do my ABH Dipbrow as I feel that it’s more of an evening/going out look rather and than a day-to-day vibe.

I have to give this product a 10/10 purely because I honestly cannot fault it, it’s personally not my go-to product but it does exactly as it says on the tin.

I’ve attached a picture below of my brows close up and overall face for you all to see what it creates. (Please note, for me, this is a heavy brow)



Ta Ta for now.

Love DD x

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