Hi Guys,

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while, as I explained in my previous post I am battling against an illness at the moment which I still don’t know for sure what’s going on. I promise I will be back over Christmas with some more reviews and I’ll intend to post some more different stuff such as fashion on my Instagram page (if you do not follow me already it’s – @ddlovesx).

I’ve wanted to do a post about HD Brows for a while, and explain why I felt I needed them.

I started getting HD Brows back in May prior to my trip to Dubrovnik as I’ve always had a complex when it came to my eyebrows. I have filled in my eyebrows probably since I was sixteen and I have always struggled with comments over how I filled them, such as being called ‘man-brows’, ‘slugs’ etc. My friend recommended HD Brows as I was at the time considering microblading however, I wasn’t sure whether this was the best route for me.

The lady who my friend recommended it an elite stylist which she also trains others to do HD Brows so I knew I was in safe hands, back in May when I first approached her, I had flat and bushy eyebrows which were out of shape and now I’ve got these beautifully defined brows.

The process of HD Brows is they will Tint, Wax and Thread your brows along with Tweezing any remaining hair to keep that beautiful shape. The secret is to create the arched shape is to dip the front of your brow instead of increased the arch, by tweezing the hair away to create an arch will only give you less hair and will not give you the shape you are after.

For reference, I’ve attached two photos of my prior to my brows being done to now to give you guys comparison of the improved.

Though, I will admit that my eyebrows were not AWFUL prior to me getting them done. It has given me more confidence to leave my eyebrow or to add a little bit of pencil to have those frame my face. I am so glad I took the plunge and decided to commit to this, it costs me £35 a month to maintain them but for me, I feel it’s worth every penny and it’s become a necessity.

Isn’t it crazy how peoples comments can affect you so much?

I hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to leave any comments below.

Ta ta for now!

Love, DD x

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