Hi Guys, welcome back to my page!

Following on from last weeks blog post I wanted to share a product review of the items I bought in my Cult Beauty Haul.

As many of you know from my last haul, I received a goody bag of a load of products which I am very excited to review over the next couple of weeks for you.

This week, I will be reviewing the BLEACH London Reincarnation Mask which was £6.00. Before purchasing this it has been on my wishlist for months- maybe even years, purely because I have ombré hair and it gets very dry and sadly it damaged due to the sun exposure over the summer and also because I had it topped up back in September.

As always I did some research prior to purchasing this, through bloggers to online reviews and I was very impressed, I have heard it does hydrate and helps your hair from feeling dry. For me with my ends being quite a bright blonde, it’s very noticeable how dry it gets which makes my hair look frizzy also.

On the box, it states that it “resurrects & hydrates thirsty, bleached or coloured hair and improve elasticity with this repairing and moisturising hair mask. Enriched with sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins to give a great shine, strengthen colour vibrancy and helps reduce colour fade”.

Following the instructions on the box, I shampooed my hair and applied this through with my tangle teaser and massaged this into my hair. The time it’s recommended to leave it on for was 10 – 20 minutes, I was intrigued whether 10 minutes would be enough to make my hair feel hydrated but I gave it ago.

After 10 minutes I removed the mask with warm water and brushed through my hair to remove any further knots, my hair noticeably felt softer and sleek which made my hair easier to brush. I usually let my hair naturally dry to prevent any further damage (also I’ve asked for a Dyson Hairdryer for Christmas so I am holding out for that) and the following morning I looked at the results, my hair looked healthy but it was still a little dry – this is usually what happens to my hair when I allow it to dry naturally. But I was very impressed with the product and overall for me I would give this an 8 out of 10.

If any of you beauties would like to try the product you can pick it up in your local Boots and I believe a few online retailers also stock this but I purchased mine from Cult Beauty and I have left a link below for you.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s blog and if you have any recommendation of what else you would like me to try and write about then please let me know.

Love, DD x 




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