Hi Guys!

Welcome back to my page.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to explain about the Boots Survey questionnaire to you, this is why I didn’t publish on Friday as the questionnaire came out Friday and I needed to make sure I had completed before giving some insight into it.

So the Boots Survey is something you can sign up to and once you have been accepted (which it has limited spaces) they will send you emails asking if you’re interested in taking part in a product survey for whatever product they’re doing at the time.

I recently just completed one on shaving cream (yes, it was a random only to be selected for but I have to admit I have never used shaving cream before so I felt that it was a good opportunity to try it). So I filled in the questionnaire about my skin type and how often I shave, after filling this in it confirmed that I had been accepted and they will be sending the product in the next week to commence for two weeks before receiving the Survey on the last Friday of the month.

The product arrived in a brown envelope and had a letter enclosed explaining how often to use the product and the timescale for, followed by the date of the survey and the closing date to complete it. I used this product for the two weeks as requested and used it on my legs and underarms. I have to say this product was really good, it gave a close shave and had no irritation- which is rare for me.

On Friday I completed my questionnaire which was quick and easy to do, it took me about ten minutes to fill in the information required and selecting my answers. The only downside to this Survey is that it doesn’t tell you what product it is, other than it being shaving cream it was a blank bottle with a label confirming expiry and ingredients.

If you’re interested in participating in this, I will drop a link below. The registration is currently open and would recommend getting in there quick.

Ta ta for now, and catch up again next week.

DD x

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