Hi guys!

So this week I wanted to do a post on my empty products and my thoughts on them, I personally read as many reviews possible on products before I buy and I wanted to give a mixture of different products that have been in my make up bag for the last few months and just finished off, whether it is makeup or skincare related.

Before I start I should probably explain my skin type to give you a fair representation of what I am working with, I have combination skin and I suffer from some spots and have ridiculously huge pores (or to everyone else probably just noticeable pores). My face is quite red and dry in certain areas such as the side of my nose and temples, otherwise, I have an oily t-zone. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin if I’m honest, however, I do get slight irritation from some skincare products and do have to be careful not to use anything too strong or extremely drying as my skin becomes as dry as the Sahara desert. This is very rare that this happens and I don’t know what caused it, but it has only happened twice in my lifetime – so I hope this gives you a good idea of what I’m working with and will help you decide before you buy.

Pixi Glow Tonic (100ml) – I picked this up in my local M&S back in July after reading a lot of hype on beauty forums and YouTube. I have had a read through the description on Cult Beauty’s website to give you a description of what the product is supposed to do. According to Cult Beauty, this is “enriched with 5% glycolic acid, this gentle, exfoliating formula dissolves the bonds binding dulling dead cell to skin’s surface, to reveal the’new’ healthy skin cells underneath”. After using this for the last 3 months I found it did what it says on the tin, my skin did feel better and look better which is a big deal for me. It did give me a natural glow which was amazing for those days you do not want to wear makeup or give your skin a break. The only downside for me was it sometimes made my skin feel a little oiler around the T-Zone, I know that around those areas on my skin it needs more matte products to try and keep it tame.

Garner Pure Active Micellar Water (125ml) – I picked this up with one of boots online orders as I read online that the foundation that I use (usually full coverage foundation) is stubborn to remove and if not removed properly will clog my pores, so understandably I needed to nip that in the bud ASAP! This is promoted for oily prone to imperfection skin which made it jump out at me, though my skin doesn’t personally fit the criteria I felt this would be suitable. I can honestly say this was one of the best products I’ve bought to date, with one wipe the foundation comes off and without having to scrub and irritate the skin. I don’t have to use a lot to remove my face but that’s solely because I use a face wipe to remove my eye make up as I do like to scrub that off, however, a little does go a long way in this case. I don’t have any real criticism of the product as I was happy with this so much and has honestly changed my skin, though I didn’t repurchase this one I did pick up another Garner Micellar Water for combination skin to try as my local Boots do not stock it.


L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask (50ml) –This product has been sitting on my dressing table since April and has been used in very desperate times if I’m being completely honest. When I bought this was after seeing the AD plastered all over the TV and telling myself I need to try it. I found with this that it never detoxes my skin like the pot suggests, though my skin was soft afterwards it never assisted with bringing spots to the surface – this for me was a let down as I was hoping to finally find my holy grail and get my skin clean and clear, sadly this product was a no-no for me and I most likely won’t buy the detox one again. Though, I am intrigued with the other masks released (especially as there is a Blemish Remedy one released, I will try that and give you my verdict).


Benefit Porefessional Primer (22ml) –My 15-year-old selfs holy grail of a primer! I have been using this primer for a very long time and I couldn’t fault it to be honest with you, for my combination skin it ticks every box, it’s matte which keeps my skin and foundation looking fresh all day, I would use this on its own or under my foundation to keep my skin in check for the day and ensure the oiliness stays at bay. Though when I last bought this the price has increased, I would definitely buy again (after using my 1000 other primers). My one big love about this primer is I love a matte finish and this helps with that, sadly though in the winter months my skin does get ready dry around my nose so I do have to switch to oil to keep my skin in check.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (4.8g) – I personally didn’t like this at first, everything was a no-no. The wand was too big, the product was too clumpy etc, but I did grow to like this one before it ran out my lashes were looking amazing and it honestly broke my heart after using this. At first to me the wand was taking some getting used to, I usually use Benefit, They’re real and that brush was incredible but I found that transfers to the hood of my eye by the end of the day so I tried some other alternatives. The product itself I felt was good but the brush didn’t do it any justice, it was too big which held clumps and made it difficult to apply.


Revlon Colour Stay Combination/OilyI absolutely love this foundation, I can mix between the matte and dewy look (a bit of face oil or oil primer) this has very high coverage and a perfect dupe if you love Double Wear. I find this foundation does come off my nose by the end of the day and sometimes by chin depending on what skincare routine I have followed. I find the colour ranges pretty good on myself and for £12 I honestly can’t go wrong in my eyes.

I hope you like my post for this week and see you all again next.

DD x

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