Hi all! I’ve always wanted to start a blog and share on certain products or show new outfits or trends.

Let me tell you a little about me, I’m 21 with a big love for spending my money on make up and clothes, I love Topshop and 9/10 if you ask what I am wearing, it’s usually that. I’m very eager to learn new things or try new products so please any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated. I love watching make up tutorials and buying every product they used after (I’ve got an obsession).
I’m thinking of using this blog to share more about myself, about certain styles I love (or current trends) along with new products I’ve purchased and my verdict on them. It will be a bit of everything, I will look to share about my trips too and maybe start a sections further down the line specifically about my travels and recommendations.

I am really new to all of this and I will updated this weekly to get the ball rolling, I would love any help on getting this going and getting my blog out there.

Anyway, ta ta for now!

Love DD x x

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